Heng Ran


Heng Ran, Project manager, SSPA (Statens Skeppsprovnings Anstalt):

"I graduated from the international master programme of Naval Architecture in 2007.  Since then I have been working at SSPA, the Swedish Ship Testing Facility) with computer based simulation on ship manoeuvring and seakeeping. The scope of my work mainly contains mathematical model development and output data analysis. Most projects must be accomplished in a short scheduled time. It is very important to quickly understand the physical phenomenon and present it with an accurate and customized algorithm. Thanks to the master education. The lectures clearly explained the theory behind ship behaviour; the tutorials familiarized problem solving process, while group based projects provided wonderful opportunities in practicing cooperation under strict time limits, as well as establishing strong friendship among classmates. The education led me to my favorite job and it helps me to overcome technique issues all along working. I am interested in this field and want to learn even more. I plan to start a PhD study in the same field “Ship Manoeuvring in Waves".

24 OCTOBER 2021