Magnus Wikander


Magnus Wikander, Project Manager, FKAB (Fartygskonstruktioner AB):

"When I applied for the masters programme in Naval Architceture I knew that the degree had been attractive to the job market thru history, both in the ship business and elsewhere. The work for a Naval Architect requires good skills in project management as well as a broad technical knowledge in order to understand every bit of a large project like a ship. During the master programme in Naval Architecture you learn exactly how to deal and work with large projects no matter if it´s a ship or something else. This makes the master a good starting point for a successful career.

Since my graduation from Chalmers in 2005 I have mainly been occupied with working as a project manager at a shipyard close to Gothenburg. Here I learnt a lot of the more practical side of large projects. Currently I am working with FKAB (Fartygskonstruktioner AB) as a project manager. A work which involves many interesting tasks for a naval architect, both on the technical side and at the management side. Almost every day I feel that I am using knowledge learnt during the master programme, which is great because I really like what I do.

The master programme has another great advantage and that is friends for life from all parts of the globe."
24 OCTOBER 2021