The Master program in Maritime Engineering is concentrated on ships, including small craft, yachts and offshore structures, their design, construction and operation and their interaction with the environment. 

You learn to apply rational methods within mathematics, numeric analyses, fluid mechanics and structural mechanics to analyze, design and technically operate ships and offshore structures. Moreover, you will understand the special, high demands to these structures for instance with respect to safety and consideration for the environment.  

Learn more about the study tracks below.


Ocean Structures

Ocean structures (NTNU)

Learn to design any type of ocean structure, including ships, or deal with marine operations like pipe laying, station keeping or offshore loading.

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Passenger ships

Passenger ships (Aalto) 

Obtain the skills necessary for design, analysis and optimization of passenger ships, including risk assessment, arts/design, economics and technology.

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Ship design

Ship design (Chalmers)

Learn to design the ships of the future so that they are even more efficient and safer than today’s ships, by applying rational methods in problem oriented ship design work.

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Ship operations

Ship operations (DTU)

Learn to analyse the performance of ships at sea with respect to safety, efficiency etc. and apply risk assessment and decision support system.

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Small craft

Small craft (KTH) (not from 2020 intake)

Take up the engineering challenges of the design and engineering of small craft. Learn for instance to consider both details and the whole system by split vision engineering.

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19 JANUARY 2022