Passenger Ships (Aalto)

The study track Passenger Ships gives you comprehensive overview of the different aspects related to the design, analysis and optimization of passenger ships. The studies cover both the basic knowledge as well as application of risk-assessment methods in ship design. The conflicting interests of various stakeholders will be addressed during the studies, and as a student you learn to create solutions that satisfy the stakeholders’ preferences.

The aim of the studies is to work on the same project ship throughout the specialization semester and work on different parts of this ship during different courses. The courses taken will be chosen so that they support the project work. The knowledge and know-how obtained in this way will at the same time be deep and synthesized. In addition you will be forced to plan the time spent on different parts, providing you the capability to work on challenging projects with limited resources.

Competences gained
After graduation you have acquired special knowledge related to the design and analysis of passenger ships. As a graduate you can:

  • describe the multidisciplinary nature of passenger ship design:
    • arts/design: you can describe the connection between the general arrangement and the passenger experience and the related trends,
    • economics: you can describe the economical relationship between shipyard, shipowner and passenger,
    • technology: you can classify and apply computational models and methods to assess the performance (stability, resistance, propulsion, structures, machinery) and risks of a design, 
  • create a synthesis of the different disciplines of the design problem with emphasis on critical thinking,

  • formulate a design problem in the field of passenger ship design taking into account the multidisciplinary nature of the problem and solve the problem in a systematic and creative fashion,

  • work within a team of experts having different backgrounds (education, values, language, culture).

    Career Prospects
    As a graduate you typically work at the shipyard design department, at design offices, classification societies, auth, or in the ship owner’s technical department. 

    The last two semesters (2nd year) must always be done at Aalto. The first two semesters can be done at either of the following universities:  

    KTH (not from the 2020 intake and onwards)

    Click on either to see the corresponding curriculum.
    19 JANUARY 2022