Ship Design (Chalmers)

Large quantities of raw material and manufactured products are transported all over the globe by ship. It is a great engineering challenge to develop new ship systems that can make future shipping an even more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly means of transportation than it is today. The aim of the Ship Design track is to give you an internationally attractive and competitive education within planning, design and analysis of large structures from the point of view of strength, hydrodynamic and systems engineering.  

After the first year you will have a thorough knowledge within all main topics of marine engineering: ship stability, resistance and propulsion, seakeeping, manoeuvring and ship structural design. Depending on your previous education, e.g. BSc Naval Architecture or BSc Mechanical Engineering, and the first year at the university, you will also study different elective and speciality courses (see curricula). 

In the second year you will be part of a project team and work with a problem oriented and realistic ship design project with a company from the maritime industry as the “customer”. The student teams will be guided by professional engineers from industry and faculty members from Chalmers. The initial design process prior to an order of a new ship is covered during the project following the demands of the customer. In the project you must utilize and link together knowledge from all the marine engineering courses of the first year. During the Ship design project you will also study two elective courses chosen from a pool of various relevant courses.  

Career Prospects
After graduation you will typically be employed by a ship owner, a consultancy, a classification society, a supplier of marine equipment, a maritime administration or a research institution. Your work will involve a large degree of development, if not entirely directed at research, and it will be done in an entirely international atmosphere and require cooperation with people with different backgrounds, mainly from the maritime world.

The last two semesters (2nd year) must always be done at Chalmers. The first two semesters can be done at either of the following universities:  


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19 JANUARY 2022