Small Craft (KTH)

This track is not offered from the 2020 intake and onwards

In addition to general maritime engineering, this track also focuses on small, specialized craft, such as high-speed craft and underwater vessels.

The first year of the track considers fundamental topics, such as marine structures, marine hydromechanics, and the principles of ship design.

In the second year, you apply and deepen your general knowledge and skills from year one, for example regarding: hydrodynamic analysis and design of high-speed craft such as rescue craft, patrol boats, and yachts; application of composite materials in optimized ship structures, various aspects of underwater technology; and consideration of the particular operational missions and operational conditions in the design of small, specialized craft. In team-based, multi-disciplinary projects you will face the challenges involved in conceiving, designing, implementing and operating several different types of specialized craft. Hereby you will develop your theoretical understanding, your communications skills, your systems thinking, and your engineering design skills.

Career Prospects
After your graduation you could for instance be employed by a shipyard, a boat builder or a design office, designing and building advanced fast craft, yachts, or autonomous underwater vehicles; or by a navy, a consultancy, a classification society or a maritime administration. You might have to collaborate with all kinds of people and competences, from highly skilled craftsmen, other engineers, naval officers to dedicated yachtsmen.

The last two semesters (2nd year) must always be done at KTH. The first two semesters can be done at either of the following universities:  


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19 JANUARY 2022