Mobility within the Programme

Your NMME studies will be divided between two universities within the consortium. You will transfer from one university to the other after your first year.

When you apply for the programme, you must apply via DTU's electronic system for application, no matter which study track you wish to do or at which university you want to start. In the application you must indicate your first (starting) university and your study track. If you are accepted by the NMME consortium admission board, your application dossier will be transferred to the university where you will be enrolled for your first year. You will also receive an admission letter from your first university. Your application dossier will subsequently be transferred to the university that is responsible for the second part of your study track. During your stay at your first university and in good time before your transfer, you will receive an admission letter from the university where you will be enrolled in your second year in order for you to have time to apply for accommodation and visa if needed.

The international offices of your first and second universities will assist you with the practicalities, such as accommodation etc., both when you enter the programme at the first university and when you transfer to the second university.

It may be possible for you to change your mind about your study track after you have started your NMME studies. It that case you must write a motivated application to the Programme Board and a permission may be granted only after new evaluation of your study plan and prerequisites. The application must be submitted early enough to make possible a change.

In order to issue the double diploma, the two universities will have to make a credit transfer of the credits obtained in the other university. You will be notified of any documentation needed for this procedure.
19 JANUARY 2022