Programme coordinator


As coordinator of the Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering programme it is my responsibility to keep the programme a unified, rational programme. With help from the other academics of the programme board I keep the specified curricula updated and do general coordination of the programme, from curricula to homepage. I also keep track of the performance of all students. Moreover, I am usually the one who answers enquiries sent to info.nmme (a)

I see the NMME programme as a special opportunity for good students and for the participating universities to obtain something more than what can be obtained by a normal master degree. As coordinator I follow the progress of the students, and it always gives me a particular pleasure to meet all students in the programme at the Social Weekends.

I have been at DTU for many years, where I teach naval architecture, ship design and ship hydrodynamics. The latter includes both the classical hydrodynamics, such as resistance, model testing, Wageningen B-series propellers, and also more theoretical and numerical hydrodynamics. My favorite research subject is ship propellers, where I was involved in the development of the high-efficiency Kappel propeller.

Poul Andersen
pa (a)
23 NOVEMBER 2020