Carl Hagman


Carl Hagman graduated as a Naval Architect (M.Sc.) from KTH in 2008. He earned his degree after his thesis work at DCE AB, a company developing special marine craft for military use. The thesis work was a pre-study sponsored by WTD 71 (Bundeswehr Technical Center for Ships and Naval Weapons) developing an underwater craft for divers. Several demonstrators have later been built and analyzed, DCE are right now in the last phase before releasing a serial version.

Carl is responsible for Conceptual Design at the company. The main focus today is a craft with surface, semi-submerged and underwater capability. The first boat is to be delivered to the Swedish Defense Material Administration (FMV) in October 2011. Carl is involved in many areas of the project due to the small size of the company; Analyzing the prototype craft, design, coordinating sub-contractors such as yard hydrodynamic experts and strength calculation consultants, marketing activities.