Degrees and Diplomas

The Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering is a double degree programme and as a graduate from the Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering you will receive two MSc diplomas: one from each of the two universities in your study track. The two diplomas will be supplemented with an insert describing the consortium and the programme.

The titles on the diplomas will be:  

Aalto: Master of Science (Technology)

Degree programme in Mechanical Engineering
Master’s Programme in Maritime Engineering.


Chalmers: Degree of Master of Science (two years)

Master’s programme in Naval Architecture within the main area Shipping and Marine Technology


DTU: Master of Science in Engineering

Degree programme: Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics


KTH: Teknologie masterexamen, Master of Science (2-years)

Degree programme: Master’s Programme in Maritime Engineering


NTNU: Master of Science 

Degree programme: MSc in Maritime Technology








19 JANUARY 2022