As the project coordinator,Aalto University is responsible for:

  • the general coordination of NMME and the managerial matters relating to the project, including the convening of Programme Board meetings,
    the financial management of the NMME project funding,
  • the communication and reporting to programme sponsors,
  • all communication to the partners on issues of general interest for the Consortium,
  • keeping a register of NMME students,
  • organizing the admission committee meeting and procedure

All NMME Consortium members are responsible for:

  • ensuring that the programme receives accreditation according to national standards
    organizing teaching in the NMME programme according to the jointly approved curriculum and division of  tasks,
  • providing academic support, counselling and tutoring for all NMME students, ensuring that appropriate library and computer facilities are made available for students,
  • providing possibilities for NMME students to attend courses in the national language on the same basis as other international students (if offered).
  • sending appropriate representatives to Programme Board meetings,
  • appointing one academic and one administrative representative to the Programme Board
  • performing continuous evaluation of the NMME programme according to the institutional quality assurance procedures
  • providing updated lists of enrolled students to the programme board and the co-ordinator 

The NMME Programme Board is responsible for:

  • overseeing the implementation of the programme,
    ensuring that the teaching offered in the framework of NMME programme is delivered to the highest academic standard,
  • planning and implementing specific joint NMME quality assurance activities, which will supplement the national and institutional quality work,
  • seeking external funding for NMME,
  • ensuring communication and cooperation between NMME and the appropriate local authorities responsible for the Master-level education and international administration,
  • taking decisions on the structure of the NMME programme and on possible changes in the content of the programme, as well as on changes in the Consortium.
  • The Programme Board will evaluate the project co-ordination and propose changes with regards to the division of responsibilities
  • ensuring continuous development of NMME,
  • selecting students and agree upon said selection
  • evaluating the admission criteria
  • maintaining dialogue with major stakeholders and industry with regards to candidates’ competence profiles, labour market needs and scholarship possibilities
  • defining a marketing strategy for the programme and contributing accordingly in marketing activities 

Programme Board
19 JANUARY 2022