Programme coordinator



As coordinator of the Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering programme it is my responsibility to keep the programme a unified, rational programme. With help from the other academics of the programme board I keep the specified curricula updated and do general coordination of the programme, from curricula to homepage. I also keep track of the performance of all students. Moreover, I am usually the one who answers enquiries sent to

I see the NMME programme as a special opportunity for excellent students from around the world and for the participating universities to obtain something more than what can be obtained by a normal master degree. As coordinator I follow the progress of the students, help them with their studies and career planning and it always gives me a particular pleasure to meet all students in the the Social Weekends arranged at NMME.

I am professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering at Aalto University. My research work is focused on both basic and applied science related to thin-walled structures, what we see all around us in ships, bridges, packaging etc. The focus is on structures that are large, but my research contributes also to mechanics of structures at length scales you find in microelectronics. I differentiate from main stream by the fact that I study cases where the length-scales interact, something which is often ignored in engineering analysis. This allows development of more sustainable use of materials in different applications what we can and cannot see. The research is reflected into education in the way that I see it most important that during education you have as a student a change to exploit the latest science and technology in the context of engineering. Our students are known from very innovative concepts they have been able to produce during their studies.  

Jani Romanoff
19 JANUARY 2022